Monday, September 8, 2014

Randel Plowman Art

Collage art by Randel Plowman

I am currently taking an online collage class taught by Stephanie Levy. In this class, Stephanie interviews a number of collage artist and one of the interviews was with Randel Plowman. I am really loving his collage work. The composition in his collage work is strong and his use of the principles of design contribute to the effectiveness of his collage. Randel has a MFA in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin and has exhibited in numerous solo and juried exhibitions in the US. He also has a popular blog called A Collage A Day, where he showcases a collage each day with the ability to purchase. Really love his work. Please do check out his website:
(all images are via Randel Plowman from his blog).

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