Sunday, August 31, 2014

Merci Perci Art

The beautiful art of Merci Perci

I discovered Merci Perci on instagram while searching for art. When I spotted the beautiful colors and delicious patterns of the 3d headpiece paper sculptures that the artist makes I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds. I mean I just couldn't believe how beautiful these creations are and the colors were simply breathtaking. 
The artist behind these amazingly creative pieces is Clair Falkiner from Australia. You can find her work on her website:
The three images of her beautiful 3d sculptures are from the Merci Perci facebook page here.
Claire Falkiner

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sarah Hickey Art

Amazing Art work by Sarah Hickey

I discovered Sarah Hickey through the internet and when I saw her art my heart literally stopped. Her work is simply stunning and layered so intricately. Layers upon layers create a rich blend of colors and patterns.  There is a deepness to her art that takes the viewer into a world of wonder and fascination. The floral underlay is a beautiful touch of femininity and yet the women in her work all appear strong and full of mystery. Her work is just exquisite. 
Below ( and the one above) are a few of her paintings that you can find on her website.
Her website is: