Thursday, October 30, 2014

Claire Desjardins

The art of Claire Desjardins

Claire Desjardins is a Canadian artist who sells her art internationally and has had her art licensed at  major retailers such as Anthropologie. 
I first came across Claire's art work a few years ago on the Anthropologie online website. I was blown away by her use of strong colors and composition. What really attracts me to her art is her use of space. Her abstract paintings utilize space, color, and geometric shapes to create compelling art. Looking at her paintings just makes me happy!

To view more of Claire's art work please visit her website:
all images are via Claire Desjardins website.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jewelry by Micci Cohan

Some awesome bohemian jewelry by artist and designer Micci Cohan

I was browsing the internet and decided to type in bohemian collage. I found an image of a beautifully colored collage and immediately clicked on the image. I ended up on a site that featured Micci Cohan's art. I was blown away by her use of color and had to look her up. I found her website and etsy shop and was amazed by her beautiful creations. I was so excited by her jewelry that I just had to share her beautiful work. All images are via her etsy shop and the links are provided below.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

The colorful art of Atelier Bingo

I came across the beautiful and super colorful art of Atelier Bingo on instagram (I find many awesome artists this way). As I looked through their art images on instagram, I was blown away by the interesting shapes, vivid colors, and the variety of marks that created patterns. There is something so pleasantly interesting about their art. The way they deconstruct and construct their shapes and create an elaborate patchwork of colors and patterns intrigues me. I will be honest, looking at their art makes me happy.
The artist behind Atelier Bingo are Maxime Prou and Adele Favreau. They are artist from France and their experience as illustrators, surface designers and graphic designers allows them to create colorful abstracts.
Their Website:
(All images of their art are via their website or blog).
Do check out their awesome art and buy some of their amazingly colorful prints!!!!!