Thursday, January 8, 2015

Justina Blakeney

Artist, Designer, Writer and Bohemian

I first discovered Justina Blakeney on Skillshare ( an online website offering online classes). The class was on interior decorating and I absolutely loved her interesting and creative way of styling interiors. As I began to follow her on social media, I was inspired by her eclectic style and bohemian creations. She also uses a lot of flowers both in her styling and art and I simply love this since I also love flowers!
Justina is currently doing the Faces of Foliage project and I am loving this idea. She creates faces out of foliage and flowers and  they are gorgeous. If you follow her on instagram you can see a gallery of the faces and you can even do some yourself and tag your photos with #FacetheFoliage.
She is super inspiring and an amazing and talented artist!

The above images are from Justina's website and Facebook. You can check out more of Justina's work on her website and social media.