Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Artist Meredith Gaston

The Beautiful and Whimsical Art of Meredith Gaston

I first came across Meredith's art on instagram. I came across a beautiful canvas painting of a girl with flowers on instagram and immediately had to find out about the artist. Meredith Gaston is an artist and illustrator based in Australia. Her art is whimsical, fun, and bright. She creates paintings and illustration for kids and the young at heart. She also is an author of two books. Actually I just bought one of her books on Amazon titled, 100 Moments of Joy and Inspiration. I really love the joy that I feel when I look at her work. There is just something about her art that makes me smile and I love art that makes me happy.
You can find more of Meredith's art on her website:
(All artwork is via Meredith Gaston's Facebook page).

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Claire Desjardins

The art of Claire Desjardins

Claire Desjardins is a Canadian artist who sells her art internationally and has had her art licensed at  major retailers such as Anthropologie. 
I first came across Claire's art work a few years ago on the Anthropologie online website. I was blown away by her use of strong colors and composition. What really attracts me to her art is her use of space. Her abstract paintings utilize space, color, and geometric shapes to create compelling art. Looking at her paintings just makes me happy!

To view more of Claire's art work please visit her website:
all images are via Claire Desjardins website.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jewelry by Micci Cohan

Some awesome bohemian jewelry by artist and designer Micci Cohan

I was browsing the internet and decided to type in bohemian collage. I found an image of a beautifully colored collage and immediately clicked on the image. I ended up on a site that featured Micci Cohan's art. I was blown away by her use of color and had to look her up. I found her website and etsy shop and was amazed by her beautiful creations. I was so excited by her jewelry that I just had to share her beautiful work. All images are via her etsy shop and the links are provided below.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

The colorful art of Atelier Bingo

I came across the beautiful and super colorful art of Atelier Bingo on instagram (I find many awesome artists this way). As I looked through their art images on instagram, I was blown away by the interesting shapes, vivid colors, and the variety of marks that created patterns. There is something so pleasantly interesting about their art. The way they deconstruct and construct their shapes and create an elaborate patchwork of colors and patterns intrigues me. I will be honest, looking at their art makes me happy.
The artist behind Atelier Bingo are Maxime Prou and Adele Favreau. They are artist from France and their experience as illustrators, surface designers and graphic designers allows them to create colorful abstracts.
Their Website:
(All images of their art are via their website or blog).
Do check out their awesome art and buy some of their amazingly colorful prints!!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Etsy Shop Studio3ten

Art by Suzanne Millius

I was browsing etsy yesterday and I came across studio3ten and the artwork blew me away. I mean I actually stopped breathing for a second cause the art was that incredible. I love all of Suzanne's art but I especially love the images of women and writing. I love how she combines art, graphic design, poetry and music to her art. They are all so incredible and her prints are very affordable. Check out her esty shop and buy some cool prints!!!!!
Etsy Shop: studio3ten
(all images are Suzanne's via etsy)


Monday, September 8, 2014

Randel Plowman Art

Collage art by Randel Plowman

I am currently taking an online collage class taught by Stephanie Levy. In this class, Stephanie interviews a number of collage artist and one of the interviews was with Randel Plowman. I am really loving his collage work. The composition in his collage work is strong and his use of the principles of design contribute to the effectiveness of his collage. Randel has a MFA in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin and has exhibited in numerous solo and juried exhibitions in the US. He also has a popular blog called A Collage A Day, where he showcases a collage each day with the ability to purchase. Really love his work. Please do check out his website:
(all images are via Randel Plowman from his blog).

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Alena Hennessy

Art by Alena Hennessy

One of  my favorite artist is Alena Hennessy. I discovered her work about 2 years ago in a yoga or health magazine ( don't remember which one). There was a picture of her with her hands covered in a colorful blend of paint. She had such a peaceful, creative, and spiritual energy that I decided to look her up. I am so glad I did because her art is phenomenal. There is a fluid and dreamy appearance to her artwork and the colors always wow me. In addition to creating beautiful art, Alena is a teacher and conducts various workshops and online classes. She is also the author of two books. She is an amazing person and an incredible artist. 
Her website ( where you can find art, courses, a blog, and links to her books):
( all images are via Alena Hennessy).

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Etsy Artist Hayley Mitchell

Gorgeous Floral and Abstract Art

I  discovered the art of Hayley while browsing flower paintings on etsy. As soon as I saw her paintings my heart skipped a beat. The flower paintings are painted in a modern style. The colors are juicy and vivid and Hayley loves to adorn her paintings with a variety of patterns to make the art pop. In addition, she has recently added some abstract art to her shop and they are too good. I mean this artist is going places. Her composition is on point and the color choices are fabulous.
Please visit her etsy shop: ArtbyHKM

Monday, September 1, 2014

Emily Green Art

Oh my gosh this art by Emily Green is awesome!

Emily Green is a Melbourne Designer who makes beautiful jewelry, watercolor paintings, scarves and cushions. She has a BFA degree from the University of Western Australia and has also studied fashion and textiles at TAFE in Perth. I came across Emily's work on the internet and I fell in love with her bright designs and fun colors. Both her jewelry designs and watercolor paintings are simply candy for the eyes. Her work is stunning!
You can visit her website:
The images above are from Emily's website.

Laura Blythman Art

The beautiful art of Laura Blythman

I discovered the art of Laura Blythman on instagram. She is an artist and designer that resides in Australia. I am seriously loving all the art coming from Australia these days. Perhaps I need to move there. Anyway, her art is fabulous. I love how she focuses on colors, shapes, and patterns (these three elements are my favorite and I usually focus on these in my own art). Her use of shapes and splashes of color really get my heart fluttering with excitement. I think her work is so much fun! Please do check out her website:
The images are from her art facebook page which you can find here.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Merci Perci Art

The beautiful art of Merci Perci

I discovered Merci Perci on instagram while searching for art. When I spotted the beautiful colors and delicious patterns of the 3d headpiece paper sculptures that the artist makes I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds. I mean I just couldn't believe how beautiful these creations are and the colors were simply breathtaking. 
The artist behind these amazingly creative pieces is Clair Falkiner from Australia. You can find her work on her website:
The three images of her beautiful 3d sculptures are from the Merci Perci facebook page here.
Claire Falkiner

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sarah Hickey Art

Amazing Art work by Sarah Hickey

I discovered Sarah Hickey through the internet and when I saw her art my heart literally stopped. Her work is simply stunning and layered so intricately. Layers upon layers create a rich blend of colors and patterns.  There is a deepness to her art that takes the viewer into a world of wonder and fascination. The floral underlay is a beautiful touch of femininity and yet the women in her work all appear strong and full of mystery. Her work is just exquisite. 
Below ( and the one above) are a few of her paintings that you can find on her website.
Her website is:


Friday, June 27, 2014

Creating lots of art and focusing on colors, shapes, and patterns.

I have been so busy the past few months. I have been painting and creating lots of awesome art. I have been mainly focusing on abstract paintings and beautiful modern style florals. I love to focus on patterns, colors and shapes in my art. For me it is not about capturing reality perfectly but rather capturing an emotion and an idea in my subject matter. I want my art to be playful, fun, and happy.

This is a small abstract which is available in my etsy shop.
I love using white dots in my paintings......they really create both texture and pattern.
This illustration is a modern style floral illustration. I love floral art but only modern florals. I am not a fan of traditional flower paintings. I actually really like painting and drawing flowers and am thinking of starting to offer commissions for wedding bouquets. I have noticed that commissioning wedding bouquet paintings is becoming popular and I think it can be a great addition to my art.
I love this abstract painting. The pinks, greens, and blues are amazing.