Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Artist Meredith Gaston

The Beautiful and Whimsical Art of Meredith Gaston

I first came across Meredith's art on instagram. I came across a beautiful canvas painting of a girl with flowers on instagram and immediately had to find out about the artist. Meredith Gaston is an artist and illustrator based in Australia. Her art is whimsical, fun, and bright. She creates paintings and illustration for kids and the young at heart. She also is an author of two books. Actually I just bought one of her books on Amazon titled, 100 Moments of Joy and Inspiration. I really love the joy that I feel when I look at her work. There is just something about her art that makes me smile and I love art that makes me happy.
You can find more of Meredith's art on her website:
(All artwork is via Meredith Gaston's Facebook page).

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